What was it like, the day I was born?

A few years ago, I asked God what He would say about the day I was born. The poem below is the result. My prayer is that you would read it as if God were speaking about you, to you.

A daughter climbs 
Into her father’s lap
Gazes intently, intensely 
Asks with wonder
“What was it like, the day I was born?”

The father smiles 
Embraces his child
Remembers, sighs 
Swells with pride
In deep delight recalls. 

“The angels marveled
Danced, celebrated, wondered
Infinite possibility 
Limitless destiny
Mystery mingled with anticipation.”

“I wept, laughed, bathed in
Joy unbounded
Love indescribable
Pleasure imperishable
Fidelity incorruptible.”

“I pictured your life’s fingerprint
Curious, inquisitive
Passionate, mischievous
Tender, insightful
Helpful, hopeful.”

“I stared into your soul
Thirsty intimacy
Holy restlessness
Desire for union, communion
Longing for more.” 

“I looked at your face
A reflection of myself
My child, my creation, my design
Heart of my own
Wrapped in human flesh.”

“I resolved that day
I would lay down my life
In exchange for yours
Because a parent’s love 
Can offer no less.”

The daughter smiles,
Leans against her father’s chest
Feels his faithful heartbeat
Rests in the assurance
Of unshakable affection.

–Pam Gibbs, 2018

One thought on “What was it like, the day I was born?

  1. Judy

    This is so poignant and touching. Happy birthday to you. I needed, wanted, to send a card to both you and Tim, but I had no cards to send. And I am still trying to avoid stores. So I send this text to wish you a wonderful birthday. May you have many more.

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