cropped-pamcloseupI’m a spiritual director, speaker, retreat director, writer, mom, wife, friend, and faltering follower of Jesus, and not necessarily in any order at any moment. I’m constantly amazed at God’s grace and mercy, and I’m reminded daily of my need of both—in abundance. I believe but doubt. I love and I hate. I mourn and laugh. I give up and keep going. I see the best and worst in myself. I want to love Jesus with abandon but trip over competing desires.

Ask me about my deepest passions and I’d tell you I love helping people deepen their relationship with God, whether through leading silent retreats, offering spiritual direction, or having a deep conversation over a cup of coffee. Having tasted the unqualified and unending love of God, I can think of nothing better to offer to others.

Now for the not-so interesting stuff: I earned my Master of Divinity degree in 1999, but I’ve have been involved in ministry–full-time, part-time, volunteer–since 1989 . Last year, I completed my Spiritual Director Certification through Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve written several books, mostly Bible studies for teenagers. And right now, I’m working on my first fiction book–a mystery. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christina

    This is great!!! Cannot wait to read more! Even in the limited capacity in which we’ve interacted, it is clear to me (and my husband) that you have a call to spiritual directing. From our first meeting we knew! I am sincerely looking forward to reading more and leaning more from you. So grateful our paths crossed all those years ago!

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