Why Birds Sing at Night

I live in the boonies, so I hear a lot of noises in nature around me. Some are comforting. Others, not so much. I love hearing owls’ hootenanny contests in the evening, but a rumbling in the bushes after dark sends me into panic. I don’t know what critter is in my yard and I don’t care to find out–at least not without a full suit of armor and a protective shield against skunk spray.

My favorite sounds, by far, are the lilting songs of a bird singing in the evening. There’s something restorative in hearing their choruses as the sun is setting and the air is cooling. It soothes my soul.

I don’t know why some birds sing at night, and frankly, I don’t want a scientific explanation. They are simply a reminder to me of God’s continual care–especially in the darkest moments of my life. Those simple notes are an anchor, tethering me to creation and to Him as the Creator. If God cares for the sparrow, how much more does He care for me?

The nighttime songs of birds proclaim that darkness cannot overcome the light, that the sun will rise again, and that joy does indeed come in the morning. When I remember those truths, I can keep pressing in and pressing on. I can look beyond the nighttime and wait for the light to burst on the horizon, when I can see around me and know I’m not alone.

Giving birds the ability to sing at night wasn’t a fluke or an accident. God created them by design to remind us of his ever-caring presence. Every time I hear a bird sing at night, I’m reminded of His love for me.

Now, skunks are another story altogether…

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