You! Yes, you! Speak up!

You, yes, you!
The one cowering in the corner
       who won't make eye contact,
             beaten down by 
                   lies, hurts, mistakes.
Lift up your head 
      because I choose you.

Stand up. Be seen. 
Stop hiding in shadows,
        in disbelief, 
                 in denial, 
                       in dismissal. 

Let your beauty 
         come into the light.  
Your presence is essential. 
                 Your voice matters.
                                   You matter. 

I've given you a voice. 
         You have something to say:
Words of hope, 

Own the truth 
      for yourself 
             so you can offer it
                  to others.

Speak and I will bring
    People who are 
       hungry, desperate, 
            waiting to hear 

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