What to Expect in a Spiritual Direction Meeting


A typical meeting takes place for an hour once a month, one-on-one, during which two people (the director and directee) discuss the spiritual life of the directee. A spiritual director might ask questions like:

  • Where have you noticed God in your life lately?
  • Where is God inviting you to see Him or experience Him in a new way?
  • Where have you sensed God’s presence? Where have you sensed His absence?
  • What have you been thinking deeply about lately?
  • What do you need God to do for you?
  • What experiences, events, relationships, and place have communicated a sense of God’s presence with you?

You as the directee will do the bulk of the talking, while the director (me) is listening to you while also listening for the Holy Spirit’s promptings to ask questions, make comments, or just hold room for thought and reflection. While a director may sometimes offer suggestions or introduce a concept, the primary role for me is to offer sacred space to explore longings, desires, questions, fears and joys.

What’s the First Meeting Like?

Every spiritual director is different, and each brings their own unique approach to meeting with people. However, the first meeting will likely be an informal, get-to-know each other session. Your director will probably ask you questions like:

  • Briefly describe your spiritual journey.
  • Do you regularly practice any spiritual disciplines?
  • Are you a part of a church community?
  • Have you ever met with a spiritual director before? Describe that experience.
  • What are you hoping for in meeting with a spiritual director?
  • What questions do you have about spiritual direction?

These questions don’t have a right or wrong answers. They are tools to give your director insight into your spiritual journey, past and present. Based on that initial conversation, you and the director will decide if you’re a good “fit” for each other, that is, if you both feel comfortable working together.

Your director will likely pray to open and/or close the session. They will likely leave the next meeting up to you to schedule.

Want to know more? Contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk!

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